School Facilities

Multimedia Theatre

The varied and sophisticated infrastructure of the school is significant. The Campion multimedia theatre is armed with all modern instructional aids like CD videos and overhead projectors, LCD multimedia projector, educational CD ROMS, videotapes and audiocassettes. Different venues like the Campion amphitheatre, the Gerard Manley Hopkins Auditorium, and its Annex halls provide ample opportunities and scope for students in public speaking, debate, drama, dance, yoga etc.

Smart Class

Keeping pace with the most modern technological techniques the school provides smart class facility for all the classes.

Smart Class provides an advanced , innovative and creative digital classroom approach. It is student friendly digital content that makes classrooms very interactive and strain free, providing the students an interesting and effective learning experience. The audios, visuals and activities cater to the demands of students with multiple learning abilities and make it easier for them to understand complex topics, problems and theorems.The advanced interactive tools ignite the minds of students. Students see, hear and experience geographical changes, biological activities like how a heart pumps blood, blood circulation , reactions while using chemicals , acids etc. and gain firsthand knowledge of all that is happening around right in the classroom.

Advanced computer models reveal the internal anatomy and working , in a 3D stereoscopic environment making concepts and ideas clearer to students and enhance knowledge retention through augmented reality.


All the labs are well furnished and equipped to the international specification and standards. Computer studies are an integral part of the school curriculum from class IV. Computer classes are organized to equip students with computer language and technology for advanced computer learning later. Computer Laboratory, Science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology form the necessary infrastructure for the acquisition and experimentation of scientific information and knowledge.


Campion School has a spacious, well stocked library that caters to the children's need for reading and references and it is here that the children come in contact with the different authors and updated sources of information. Students of classes III to XII enjoy reading varieties of books and do reference work during their library periods and other times. A vast resourceful collection of books in different categories - Computer Science, Applied Science, Pure Science, Hindi, Malayalam, History, Geography, Religion and Philosophy are available. A section purely for references containing Encyclopedia, Gandhian books and dictionaries of many languages such as German, French, Sanskrit etc. are also available. Both students and faculty members copiously use the library convenience .

School Bus

School has an elaborate comity network with buses plying from the different places of the city to the school. Whenever students cannot be brought back home safely by school buses either due to traffic-jam on the route, caused by political gatherings in the city, or due to any kind of unrest or strike, bandh or hartal, they will be brought back to the school and made to remain safely on the school campus under the protection of the school security staff. On such occasions, parents are to get in touch with the school and collect their wards from the school itself.


A Canteen is functioning in the campus to cater to the needs of the staff and students.

Students Counselling

The Counselling Cell of the school is a dynamic body led by an experienced staff advisor. It dedicates itself to help the students in their personal and academic problems.