Academic Details

Learning is child-centered, growth oriented and aimed at providing education for the holistic development of the children. Through innovative and experimental teaching methods we aim at making the learning process extremely enjoyable and enlightening.

The Primary School extends from class I to V, catering to laying a solid edifice for scholastic formation. The curriculum programme of the session includes learning scholastic disciplines in languages- English, Malayalam and Hindi, in Sciences and Social Sciences, and in Mathematics. Students are also exposed to computer language and technology from class I.

They get opportunities to develop their skills in public speaking, histrionic talents, singing, dancing ,craft and in fine arts. Projects and field trips, strengthening academic training, are also introduced into the curriculum. Co - curricular activities of sports and yoga lead students to better self - awareness and self - esteem.

The upper-primary school or the middle school section has classes from VI to VIII. Students in this section are gradually groomed to cope with more scholastic training. Besides learning the 3 languages-English, Malayalam & Hindi, other academic subjects, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences & Computer Sciences are taught. Learning Moral Science and life skills makes students critically aware of their interpersonal relationship in their families, among class - mates and others and their relationship with the Almighty. Non - scholastic subjects like fine arts, histrionics, yoga, sports and games are the integral part of the curriculum of the middle section.

Campion School prepares children to undergo scholastic and non-scholastic learning programmes based on the Central Board of Secondary Education Syllabus (C.B.S.E.), which conducts the Secondary (Class X) Examination, AISSE, the Senior Secondary (Class XII) Examination, AISSCE, in India and overseas.

Students are taught three languages: English being the medium of instruction, and the International Language ,Hindi, the National Language, and Malayalam, the regional language.

Senior Secondary Classes (XI, XII) lead to All India Senior School Certificate Examination, conducted yearly by the C.B.S.E. The school offers five options of study at this stage. English Core is a compulsory subject in all the five options.

Each Academic Year is from June to April of the following year. Each academic year has two semester

  • First semester: from June to October.
  • Second semester: from November to March.

The school hours are from 8.30a.m. to 3 p.m. During the school working days parents could meet the Principal from 11.30 a.m. to 12. 30 noon by taking prior appointments.



  • Plain cream off-white shirt half sleeve and straight hemline
  • Off-tinge fawn shorts (up to class IV)
  • Off-tinge fawn trousers (from class V upwards)
  • Brown shoes with off-white striped cream socks
  • Brown striped cream tie
  • Brown belt


  • Plain cream off-white shirt with half sleeves and straight hemline
  • Off-tinge fawn pinafores
  • Brown striped cream tie
  • Brown striped belt


  • White T-shirt with school emblem print on it
  • White trousers (From class V upwards)
  • White shorts (up to class IV)
  • White canvas shoes with white socks.


  • White T-shirt with school emblem printed on it
  • White skirt till knee level with broad pleats
  • White canvas shoes with white socks

Every term of the academic year ends with the Summetive Assessments, which will be two in number. Besides these major examinations there are periodic Unit Tests and and Formative Assessments conducted for the benefit of students' regular revision and scholastic fitness.

For students of Primary Section continuous and regular Evaluations are conducted without giving them tensions of examinations.

Open House facility helps the parents to collect Evaluation Reports and to discuss their ward’s performance, both academic and personal, in the school situation.

The day starts in the school with the Assembly. A usual assembly begins with prayer, school anthem and the pledge for the nation, which is followed by speeches by students on the virtue and thought for the week, reading of news, competitions in recitation, declamation , Principal's observation and National Anthem on different days of the week. The school also has short assembly before the afternoon classes. The classes begin with yoga, meditation and prayer and ends with prayer too.